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Spinning Plates

It is already becoming clear that going to uni as a Mum will be complicated and I've not even got there yet. This week Millie has been asked to book in an arrival time for her own accommodation at Loughborough which she thinks will be 27th September. This potentially clashes with my welcome week which also starts on the 27th. I contacted the Post Grad team to find out my time table for the first two weeks. Although unconfirmed it looks like the 27th might be free, phew, with small induction sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Lessons officially start on Monday 4th October, here I have another problem. My cousin Lydia is getting married on this day. Looks like I'm going to be late to the wedding. Balancing family life and uni life is already proving to be complex. There is the possibility that I will not be able to move Millie into her accommodation and I'm most likely going to miss the actual wedding on Monday even if I get to the meal. Previously I have always been available for my family, whenever they might need me. Within the first two weeks of starting uni there are some major clashes and with three weeks still to go, just thinking about it is causing me considerable anxiety. Already the question 'how will I keep my family together?' is weighing heavily on my mind.

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