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Its Freshers Week. Great if you are 18 and starting as an undergrad, not too much to do for the over 50s. The uni set up a Welcome Week. I was able to go in for a student led tour. Everything else was on-line as international students were isolating due to Covid. During the week sessions introduced me to the course, the tutors and the students. I'm most surprised by the small number of students, maybe 10, who are mostly international with various backgrounds, not all have a grounding in Art History. Haydn and I spent some time finding my rooms for when seminars start next week. This was a good idea as my sense on direction is questionable at the best of times. I attended one open event that was called 'Reimagining Middlemarch'. It was a discussion between an artist and lecturer on the text. The artist has been commissioned by Warwick Uni to produce a work based on the book which was set in Coventry. Attending this talk, an event outside my course, was exactly why I wanted to come to a brick uni rather than studying online. The event was held in the new Arts Centre. The facilities are amazing, three cinemas, a theatre and concert hall. The building is not quite finished yet but it will be very impressive. During this week Millie moved into Loughborough university. I had an online event in the morning so we moved her during Tuesday afternoon. I was hard coming back to the flat on my own, it all felt very real. Haydn has planned his diary so he can be around the midlands most of this week. This is helping the transition for both of us, its going to be a different way of living for us as a couple, not only an empty nest but being apart for much of the week.

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