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The Final Count Down

One week to go! This week I have planned my welcome week. I could have signed up for foam parties and other freshers activities but I politely declined, opting instead for an online coffee with mature students. I have a campus tour planned which is great as Covid has prevented the usual open days. There are also online inductions from the History of Art department. One of the module tutors has got in touch with some advance reading. I started it today and didn't understand a word. I'll keep trying. The 'My Warwick' app is now active, this is the home of timetables, email, and general information. At last I have my timetable, teaching is Monday to Wednesday with Thursday / Friday as study days. I joined the History of Art Society and signed up for weekly lectures from the Renaissance department. My experience of starting uni as a PG mature student will be the total opposite of my UG 18 year old daughter who has purchased a freshers wristband at Loughborough and will be partying nonstop for her first 10 days.

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