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Enrolling and choosing modules

At long last I've been asked to do something. I accepted my place in December 2020, its now August 2021 so it has been a long wait. Once I could prove the results of my OU degree met the conditional requirements of the MA course I was able to continue with officially enrolling. I've had to register with the uni, the council for voting and the doctors, all through the registration portal. The most difficult thing for me was uploading a photo for my student ID, that's because I'm fifty and not used the technology. I was then issued with a University of Warwick e-mail, that was very exciting! First thing I did was start using it for student discounts of course. I watched an online course about Warwick University Values that all students are asked to watch. It really felt like things were starting to move when one of the lecturers contacted me and asked me to choose my modules. Autumn Term was a choice between 1. Displaying the Renaissance. 2. The Art of The African City. I chose Displaying the Renaissance. This is taught alongside the compulsory module: Art History and its Methods. For the Spring term I'm hoping Covid won't prevent the course being taught in Venice. The choice of modules were 1. Research in Medieval and/or Early Modern Art/Architectural History or 2. Research in Modern and/or Contemporary Art and Architecture. 3. Order and Disorder: Religion, Society and Culture in early Modern Venice. I chose 1 and 3, both of which will support my dissertation that will focus on the Venetian Renaissance artist Vittore Carpaccio.

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good luck mum 🥰

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